Trendy Amenities for Apartments in 2022

Trendy Amenities for Apartments in 2022

There are over 40 million apartment units in the United States. Many landlords, property managers, and investors face an increase in the competition even though the average number of renters has increased year over year. One way to stay competitive is to offer unique amenities that cater to the savvy and financially conscious demographic’s new expectations. Below are some trendy amenities to help your property stand out in an over-saturated market. 

Wheel-y Convenient 

Providing amenities that cater to your residents’ means of travel offers a mega convenience and feels like a luxury amenity. Some examples would be a dedicated car wash station, electric car charging ports, and a bike storage area with security codes/surveillance. Everyone has places to be and people to see, and you have just made it easier. 

Who’s Hungry? 

Besides having a state of the art kitchen and grill at your clubhouse, elevate the experience by including unique food and beverage stations like an outdoor pizza oven or an espresso machine. Some apartment homes have opted to include an onsite café and even full-service restaurants and bars on property. With options like these, even your leasing staff and management will find it hard to leave. 

Look Good, Feel Good 

Besides working out at the gym, onsite barbershops and salons offer residents the convenience of self-care. Maybe you need a quick haircut before an interview, a new hairstyle for a significant life event, or simply routine maintenance.  The next trendy amenity involves your clothes! 24/7 dry cleaning locker boxes have been popping up around the country for those looking to make a clean getaway. Tide Cleaners offer 24/7 dry cleaning services, all controlled through an app for easy clothing drop off and delivery within 2-3 days. Think of Amazon Hub Lockers, but for dry cleaning. 

Live the Amenity Life at Westcorp 

Westcorp Management Group has multiple properties, each featuring unique and improved amenities you already know and love! From lap pools, coffee stations to even dog amenities, visit our properties or take a virtual tour to see how our residents get to enjoy an amenity focused lifestyle. 

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