West Corp Management Group

Research & Due Diligence

Our market research property and operations team has extensive experience in performing multi-family apartment due diligence. We do the heavy lifting for our investors, ensuring they are completely informed about the property’s financial, operating, and physical conditions. Some examples include unit walks and property shopping to determine necessary upgrades. Our community walks assess asphalt, gardening, exterior buildings, curb appeal, lease audit, rent roll analysis, and market surveys. 

Case Studies

Since its inception in 2007, WestCorp has achieved a great deal of success in its management of various kinds of multi-family properties in the industry. We have been able to build an enviable and unmatched team of experts, create stellar business relationships with our investors, and help our clients significantly increase the market value and bottom line of their investment properties. Our success stories range from the complete turn-around of older communities to make them competitive and gain market share to the deft delivering and absorbing of brand-new apartment communities within a very short period of time. These achievements give our investors the leverage to quickly turnaround and put their properties on the market for sale.

Below are some of the many multi-family properties that we have successfully turned around.

Q1 2023 Costar -MultiFamily Market Market Trends