Property Management

WestCorp Management Group develops innovative property management strategies to turn around multi-family investments and maximize multi-family investment portfolio’s bottom lines. We are transparent with our clients and work with efficiency to enable them to achieve set time frames, whether in property leasing, acquisitions, or amenity upgrades to increase their ROI. 

Our multi-family portfolio is unique and includes properties of various classes from A to C. We have exceptional experience with the day-to-day management and operations of multi-family communities ranging from 100 to 550 units. Our services have grown tremendously over the years, giving us a strong, competitive edge, especially in turning around older properties or preparing a brand-new community for leasing. And all of this provides us with the knowledge, experience, and leverage to handle all types of challenges regardless of their condition or location.

WestCorp’s Gold Standard

At our core, we provide extensive property management services built on a foundation of excellence. Here are some ways we do it:


  • Hiring and retaining experienced, dedicated employees, from property managers and leasing agents to maintenance.
  • Implementing web-based property management operating systems to monitor resident relations, service requests, leasing activity, turnover schedules, and occupancy.
  • Utilizing a web-based property management system’s real-time financial reporting including financial statements, turnover costs, occupancy reports, accounts payables, and concessions.
  • Carefully managing purchases and vendor contracts to maximize value including renovations and capital improvements.
  • Maintaining the property in an attractive, clean manner to best appeal to the prospective resident profile.
  • Bringing the most recent technology and amenities to communities to streamline efficiency and convenience.  
  • Assist property owners with competitive insurance to effectively increase NOI. 
  • Creating marketing campaigns that not only advertise the property, but also generate qualified leads from targeted demographics.