Ways to Relieve Stress in an Apartment

Ways to Relieve Stress in an Apartment 

Living in an apartment could mean you are low on space but significant in the amount of stress in your day to day life. Some people may think you need a whole extra room or a backyard for conventional stress-relieving methods, but that is not always the case. Your neighbors may be a little upset if you like to scream to relieve stress too. Instead, here are some ways you can reduce and relieve stress that does not require a lot of space. 

“Eucan” Do it with Eucalyptus 

Eucalyptus is used in spas around the world for its soothing smell and its ability to relieve stress. One smart trick is to buy fresh Eucalyptus and tie it around the top of your shower head. When you take hot showers, the steam will release oils from the Eucalyptus and create a sensation spa-like experience that captivates the body and mind. This takes up little to no room in the shower and can last up to a week or two. 

Take Your Vitamins 

Even when you watch what you eat, you could still be missing essential vitamins that your diet needs. According to Healthline, several vitamins and other supplements have been linked to reduced stress symptoms, including rhodiola rosea, melatonin, glycine, and ashwagandha.

Your Bed is your Best Friend 

Even if your room is small and you can only fit a twin to full-size bed, it doesn’t mean your bed can’t help provide you with stress-relieving benefits. Sleep more soundly by purchasing a pillow top for your mattress or by using a weighted blanket. Alone or used in conjunction can take your tossing and turning to 8 hours of deep sleep. Pillow tops and weighted blankets come in all kinds of sizes, perfect for any bed size you need. 

Turn to Technology 

Using apps on your smartphone is a convenient way to relieve stress, especially in your apartment home! Some popular apps that help with stress and anxiety are Calm, Colorfy, and Dare which can be purchased on your smart device’s app store. The Apple Watch can even notice changes in your breathing and recommend breathing exercises to get your heart rate at a healthy BPM. 

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