3 Reasons to Live Away from Military Housing

3 Reasons to Live Away from Military Housing 

People who serve in the military are faced with the option of living on or off base. Renting is a great option for individuals who need a little more flexibility and want to try something new.

1. Work-Life Balance

living space could make a huge difference in your mental and social health. Your Sergeant could end up being your next-door neighbor. We all could agree a little privacy goes a long way. 

2. Upgrade Your Options 

You are limited in the places available on base. When you live off base, you can find the perfect apartment with all the amenities you want including walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances, dog parks, 24/7 resort-style pools and gyms, and a coffee bar.

3. Think of Your Family  

Where you live decides what school zone your children end up in and it may not be ideal. Living off base means you get to decide where your children will go to school and provide them the best possible education. This also lets kids grow up and have more friends who can visit them regularly since not a lot of people are allowed on base without a military ID.

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