Top 3 Tips a Renter Should Know
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Top 3 Tips a Renter Should Know 

Renting can sometimes seem daunting, when you hear of horror stories about moving to the wrong apartment complex. We promise it’s not as bad as you think, especially when you keep these three things in mind! 

Save Up For Fees and Security Deposits 

Often times there are fees associated with renting that you should keep in mind when saving up to move out. You will most likely have to put down a security deposit which often amounts to first and last months rent, plus processing fees for applications and such. Often times security deposits are refundable which is nice, but sometimes they are non refundable. Make sure to call the leasing office or ask the leasing agent for the fees upfront.

Furnish Your Apartment Little By Little 

Furnishing your new apartment is the fun part of the entire renting/moving process! However, it’s smart to furnish your apartment little by little, you don’t want to tap into your rainy day fund. For great tips on how to furnish your apartment while being cautious check out this blog. (Hyperlink blog “Furnish your apartment fast with these tips”)

Rent From Reputable Sources 

Renting can make your life so much easier, especially if you rent from reputable property management companies. You won’t have to deal with fixing anything, have access to resort style amenities, and so much more! A great place to rent from are all of the properties WestCorp Management Group manages, browse their properties here.