Tips on Getting Approved for an Apartment

Tips on Getting Approved for an Apartment 

There are many factors that can help or prevent you from getting an apartment. You will be more likely to be approved if you prepare and have all your necessary documents ready. Here are some tips to help you get approved the first time. 


Seek out references from friends and work to show you are a person with values who is less likely to be a nuisance to neighbors and the unit you rent will be in prime conditions. A reference from a previous landlord would also be a great indicator that you are financially responsible and pay your rent on time. 


Check your credit score months in advance to see if you meet the average for getting approved for an apartment in your city. Credit Karma and other free credit score reporting websites can give you tips for increasing your score. Landlords also may require 1 month of rent and a security deposit so you should be saving up to pay upfront to make you more competitive than your rental competition. Finally, start gathering copies of your paystubs or bank statements from 3-6 months prior. This shows you have a steady source of income and most landlords require it to be submitted. 

Get a Co-Signer

If your finances and references are less than optimal, you may be asked for a co-signer. Keep people in mind who are financially responsible and ask them in advance just in case you need them when the time comes to apply for a lease.

Go Above & Beyond

Take photos of your old apartment to show how clean it was when you moved out. Bring a copy of your credit report to the leasing staff to talk about anything you foresee being an issue so they perceive you as honest and trustworthy. Dress to impress! Look your best when you meet the leasing team and provide all necessary documents in a binder that is organized and professional just like you! 

Get Approved with Westcorp

Westcorp Management Company has clear guidelines for the application process and will provide you with everything you need to know for getting your lease approved. Our leasing staff can answer any questions and provide support by phone, email, & txt! 

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