Exercise Tips for Apartments

Exercise Tips for Apartments 

Not everyone lives close to a gym or 24/7 fitness facility. Sometimes we need to break a sweat in our living room. Here are some tips to make your workouts more noise-friendly to keep all your neighbors happy and you healthy! 

Find Way to Reduce Noise

Shoes can create lots of noise, especially when doing cardio exercises like jumping jacks. Working out barefoot or with socks can be a quick solution. If you use an exercise mat, find a thick one to absorb the shock of intense workout sessions. Use exercise equipment that is light but effective, like stretchy exercise bands in multiple resistance options that imitate heavy fitness machines. You can wear headphones to keep music noise down as well. 

Resources are Everywhere

A simple search on Youtube will show hundreds of free quiet workouts that you can try and save to create your apartment workout plan. Many fitness bloggers have discovered how common this problem is and already did the work figuring out how to maximize your home workout with less noise! 

Workout Something with your Neighbors 

Everyone makes noise. A simple trick is to exercise when your neighbors are at work or during the weekends when noise may not be a problem. It never hurts to ask! They might not even mind. It would be best to keep a note of your neighbor’s responses because they can file a report to your leasing office, and you may have some noise violations on your record. 

Lets Work Out the Details

Westcorp Management Group has multiple apartments with 24/7 fitness centers featuring weights and state of the art cardio machines. Some properties even have a sauna or a lap pool. We have many options to work out at home and at our apartment home communities for those interested in fitness. 

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