Marketing Software Programs every Apartment Needs

Marketing Software Programs every Apartment Needs

Ensuring your apartment is leased up is the number one goal of every property management company, owner, or investor. There is a plethora of useful marketing software tools and programs you can implement to attract prospects and increase traffic while keeping strategic goals and objectives at the forefront of your marketing strategy. 

Social Media

Engage and create brand awareness by using social media management platforms like Hootsuite or Sprout Social. These platforms give you analytics, posting tools, and make social media management extremely simple and organized. You might post captivating content, but if your reviews on Google, Yelp, or any third party site are negative, you’ll never get people in the door to lease. Use social media reputation management tools to catch negative reviews before they are posted and to reply to reviews from one platform which saves time allows you to never miss a review. 

Make it Interactive 

Everyone has a site map of their property but not everyone uses in interactive site map of their property on their website. There is the ability to make an interactive site map to be displayed on your website so guests can hover over the unit they are interested in to learn about the amenities, size, and availability. Location is everything, let your guest visualize their new apartment home in every way, shape, or form. Some apartments have even added interactive touch screens in their leasing offices dedicated to their interactive site map as an added convenience. Check out this interactive site map here to learn more. 

Lead don’t Follow

A comprehensive lead management system (LMS) is crucial to tracking the process of all current prospects to convert them into residents. These systems offer a simple and effective platform to manage leads and convert to leased units. You also get analytics to track and measure multiple performance indicators. Knock knock, whose there? Your LEADS! 

We Put Our Tech Foot Forward

Here at Westcorp Property Management, we use all these marketing technology systems and more! We are hyper focused in using technology to make all aspects of our marketing objectives and goals more efficient to produce the best results. 

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