5 Tips to Improve Your Apartment Living Space

If you’re living in an apartment, you know how important it is to make the most of your space. Whether you’re in a studio or a two-bedroom apartment, there are plenty of ways to improve your living space and make it feel more stylish and comfortable. Here are five easy ways to upgrade your apartment style without breaking the bank.

1. The Benefits of Painting

Painting is a great way to improve the look of your home, but it can also help you feel better. Painting is inexpensive and has the potential for aesthetic improvement. It can also bring psychological benefits, such as reducing stress levels or improving mood. Having an accent wall can vastly improve your space and make your furniture pop. 

Just remember to paint it back to the original color before moving out. * 

Wingback blue chair in a room mockup

2. Plants

Snake plants and Pothos have many benefits as both these plants act as air purifiers and can give your house a beautiful look. Add these plants to your rooms to reduce allergens and freshen the air. Best of all, both of them require little maintenance as they only need to be watered once every 2-3 weeks when the soil is completely dry and they do extremely well in low-light spaces.  

Snake plant in a white pot

3. New Accents Pieces

Small accents can make a big difference. It not only adds personality but can make you happier. A few easy changes that won’t break the bank are new pillows, scented candles or sprays, curtains & rugs. 

Still life vase with artificial flowers in the living room.

4. Put up Shelves

Shelves are a great way to reduce clutter & optimize smaller spaces. Not only are they functional, but they add interesting design elements throughout your home. 


5. Hang up Pictures

Art in any form, whether while creating or observing reduces the stress hormone called cortisol. It also releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins which help you combat stress and pain. By letting you enjoy a sense of fulfillment, it transforms you into a more positive, well-rounded human being. Viewing art also triggers a surge of dopamine, the happy chemical, into the brain, which results in feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. So, get out there & start printing your photos or pick up a brush & let those emotions fly. If creating isn’t your thing find a piece that speaks to you because your home should be your happy place!  

Collection of art pieces on the wall

In Conclusion

Upgrading your apartment style can be an easy and affordable task. Play with color and mix high-end decor items with more affordable pieces to create a unique and stylish look. You can splurge on a statement piece like a designer rug or artwork and then mix in some more affordable accessories like decorative pillows. By following these five tips, you can create a stylish and inviting living space that you’re proud to call home. Westcorp MG manages a wide variety of beautiful apartments all over Las Vegas. Click here to find the living space that’s right for you and put those decorating tips to use.