4 Tips for Pets & Apartment Living

4 Tips for Pets & Apartment Living 

You are all moved into your new apartment and just as you are about to get some rest you realize something is missing. Before you know it, you are bringing home a new furry friend from the pet store or shelter and everything feels complete! Days go by and your new pet-mate may not be adjusting to life under your roof. Here are some ways you can prepare. 

1. Choose the Right Kind of Pets

No matter how cute they are, monkeys and other exotic animals just aren’t the right fit for apartments and are illegal to possess in MOST states. You should check your leasing terms and agreements for the types of pets you are allowed to have with breed and weight restrictions. Many residents choose a cat or dog and it’s important to note the characteristics of the different breeds. Are you upstairs? Don’t choose an English Bull Dog who may have trouble going up and down. Can you afford repairs and or noise complaints? Avoid yappy and hyper breeds that may cause you trouble or tear up expensive areas in your rental apartment. Remember to do your research!

2. Let’s Get Physical 

Everyone likes to stretch their legs, even if they are furry. You should walk your pet whenever possible and come up with ways to keep them active at home. Many Westcorp apartments have dog parks with agility courses to get your dog show ready! There are plenty of toys that encourage exercise check out your local pet store or sign up for a pet toy delivery service like Chewy or BarkBox.

3. Pet Proof Your Apartment 

Once again, landlords can hold you responsible for all the wear and tear your pet may cause. You should groom your pet which includes trimming nails to ensure no damage happens to walls and hardwood floors. You should also learn how to incorporate shelves to keep important items out of reach. Don’t forget that some house plants are toxic to animals and should be avoided. 

4. Live in the 21st Century 

Technology is your other best friend and there are many ways to use it to your advantage. Does your dog have anxiety? Talk to them through a dog camera such as Furbo or Petcube and feed them treats anywhere you are. Are you working late all week? Sign up for a dog walking app and track when they take your pup on a stroll. The options are out there!

We Can Help! 

Many Westcorp apartments are pet friendly with dog relief stations and dog parks. Some even have dog washing stations! Living in a pet-friendly community ensures you are providing your fur-baby with all the amenities they need to be happy. Life can be ruff, make it pawsitive at Westcorp. 

Westcorp Management Company has a home waiting for you and your pet! See the full apartment line-up here: https://westcorpmg.com/