10 Tips for Moving

Congratulations on the new place, now it’s time to pack & start your new life! Moving can be stressful so here are some tips to make the process go a little smoother.

1. Call ahead to have utilities/internet & cable turned on.
It can take some time for the utilities & internet to get set up so call ahead to get them turned on so they are ready to go when you arrive. After an exhausting day of moving, you’ll thank yourself for prepping ahead.

2. Forward mail to the new address.
Don’t forget to forward any upcoming mail to the new address for the next couple of months so you don’t miss out on any important notices.

3. Prepare a checklist.
Stay organized, having a checklist helps keep you on task and you don’t forget anything important. It also helps everything run smoothly and is oh-so-satisfying when you check off the final check mark.

4. Throw away unwanted items.
As hard as it is to throw things away that were important to you at a certain time, think about how often you use these items now & if you really need to keep them. The less you end up packing the easier it is to unpack. Your aesthetic may have changed since the last move and now is a great time to decorate the new place to show off who you are now.

5. Keep all important documents in one place.
With so much going on it is easy to feel overwhelmed, keeping all your important documents in one place will certainly make your life easier during the move. Having to hunt through boxes trying to find something can be a nightmare.

6. Vacuum Seal Bags
Vacuum seal bags are a great way to pack your clothes for the move. It keeps them from getting dirty and saves a tremendous amount of space when packing.

7. Bubble Wrap
Bubble wrap is your best friend when it comes to packing away your fragile items. Things always shift around when moving so this added protection will keep your precious items safe from breaking.

8. Packing Tape
Packing tape is a must! Whether it’s for sealing boxes or wrapping unusually shaped items in bubble wrap, packing tape is the way to go. Its durable strength & will keep everything nice & tight so your valuables don’t fall out or get damaged.

9. Boxes
It’s important to get a variety of boxes from small to extra-large. The right size box will come in handy to keep items from shifting around during the move. Remember to keep the heavier boxes on the bottom when stacking so nothing breaks.

10. Sharpies & Box Cutters
Label everything! Do yourself a favor and label all of your boxes, it will make unpacking so much easier. Moving takes time so if everything is labeled properly you can start with the items that are the most important to get yourself comfortable. Also, keep a box cutter handy so unpacking goes just as easily.

In conclusion, moving is exciting but can also be stressful. We hope these 10 moving tips will help with the process so you can enjoy your new apartment sooner and live your best life. Westcorp MG manages a variety of apartments to fit your daily needs. Which one did you pick?