6 Questions to Ask When Apartment Hunting

6 Questions to Ask When Apartment Hunting

Signing a lease for an apartment can be an exciting but time-consuming task. It’s better to prepare a checklist of needs and wants to ensure your apartment search is a smooth transaction. Check out some of these tips for covering your bases when apartment hunting.

How Long is the Lease Term?

There are usually multiple options for choosing how long to rent. If you plan to live there for multiple months, it would be beneficial to choose the longest lease term available to save on future moving costs and other fees like deposits and application fees. There may be some move-in specials when choosing a 12 month lease over a 6 month lease, so you should ask for the rent price for every lease term available.

Are there any Concessions?

Concessions are what people in the multi-family real estate industry like to call specials. These concessions range from 1 month off your lease to various discounts like waived application fees.

What Upgrades Are Offered?

You can have your cake and eat it too – but you have to ask. Living on the second floor, additional garages, pool view, upgraded flooring and more can be added to your lease for additional fees per month.

Are Utilities Included?

It’s common for apartments to include water, trash, and sewer in your rent! This could save you hundreds of dollars per year and is a big factor when comparing apartments. What about WIFI and cable?

How Do I Submit Maintenance Service Requests?

In the digital age, an online portal to submit service requests can be convenient and ensure anything that needs fixing gets done soon and right the first time.

How Do I Pay Rent?

Writing a check is a thing of the past. Paying your rent online or through an app can ensure you will never miss a payment. Late payments have fees attached and are easily avoidable with online rental payments.

It’s a Yes from Us!

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